Website Review - FrugalRules - Current Balance - Marion Community Credit Union [WEBSITE REVIEW]

Get ready to destroy your debt for good! is a personal finance site with a strong emphasis on getting rid of personal debt. The site offers a host of money-related content that is updated several times a week under subcategories including: Learn to Invest, where you’ll find investing advice for every level; Attack Debt, for inspiration and practical suggestions for paying down every dollar you owe; Frugal Living, full of tips and tricks to trim your budget; and Financial Product Review, featuring comprehensive write-ups on popular financial products. Each category presents loads of articles to help readers successfully navigate financial messes of any kind. 

There’s no judging on Frugal Rules. That’s because it’s all about moving forward and reaching a better financial place. Along with the library of expert advice, you’ll find an active, supportive community of readers just like you, people who are trying to get a better handle on their finances. Share your personal success story or read someone else’s and learn to apply effective strategies and habits that can help you turn your personal finances around. 

Here are some of the most popular posts on Frugal Rules: 

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Start the new year off right with a focused effort to finally pay down that debt! Check out to help you get started and you’ll find a world of financial information and practical advice at your fingertips.