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Camscanner [APP REVIEW]

A cluttered space brings a cluttered mind. All those papers in your desk, backpack, car or workplace take a psychological toll. Just trying to focus with all that distraction is like trying to do a pushup while someone is sitting on your back. Fortunately, paper clutter doesn’t have to be a burden. Most people carry […]

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Be More With Less [WEBSITE REVIEW]

Look around your home, your room and your life. How much useless stuff is crammed into every available corner and taking up your valuable space, time and money? More importantly – is any of it actually making you happy?  Courtney Carver believes that our obsessive drive to acquire more stuff complicates our lives on every level. […]

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“The Behavior Gap” [BOOK REVIEW]

Everyone loves to pin their financial troubles on a tanking economy or an unstable market. But let’s face it; We have no one to blame but ourselves for the decisions we make about money. And we often have no idea why our noble intentions fall flat when we make financial choices. In The Behavior Gap, Carl Richards […]

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Nest is a smart thermostat. It allows you to control the temperature of your home right from your smartphone. Within about a week, Nest learns your habits and adjusts to your preferred temperatures. Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to save money on their heating and cooling bills. Nest automatically lowers the temperature when you go […]

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“Getting Things Done At Work” [BOOK REVIEW]

What it is: More than a productivity book, this is a complete productivity system that helps you get the most out of many tools you already use. Who it’s for: People feeling overwhelmed and struggling to get things done. People who are looking for a leg up in the workplace or who enjoy the practice of life-hacking. […]

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CoinKeeper [APP REVIEW]

The skinny: What is it? CoinKeeper is a budgeting app with a drag-and-drop physical response to make your money feel real. It tracks spending and cash flow to give you a better idea of where your money’s going. Who’s it for? Freelancers, budget fanatics, people who are plugged into digital money management. What platforms? iOS and Android. […]

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“How to Graduate Debt Free” [BOOK REVIEW]

Student loan debt is a major problem facing today’s graduates. Statistics show that over 70% of college students are graduating with more than $30,000 in student loan debt. This burden greatly impacts these millennials in life decisions; it often causes them to delay both buying a home and committing to marriage. Many of them chose […]

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Truebill [APP REVIEW]

In this age of super convenience, subscription services are a popular choice for many consumers. From gym memberships to Netflix, automatic monthly payments simplify getting the services we want and take the hassle out of paying yet another bill. But, when those payments are being withdrawn from our accounts for things we never use, that […]