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Making Money Simple [BOOK REVIEW]

It can sometimes feel like every decision we need to make revolves around money. How do we spend it? How much should we save? Where should we invest? How much do we need to retire? The endless stream of choices is enough to give anyone a throbbing headache!  Don’t let these decisions throw you into […]

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Everyday Millionaires [BOOK REVIEW]

Money conversations can be super-depressing. Everything you read tells you that the “Great American Dream” has faded into oblivion. Everyone you talk to says that only the rich-born can get ahead and make it to the top. We ingest these lies without thinking twice. They become part of our belief systems and kill our ambition, […]

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Weather Apps [APP REVIEW]

With the weather so unpredictable, it’s the perfect time of year to download a reliable weather app. But don’t spend hours researching your options; we’ve already done it for you! Read on for the inside scoop on the best weather apps on the market. AccuWeather (iOS, Android) AccuWeather is high up on our list for its sheer […]

Website Review - FrugalRules - Current Balance - Marion Community Credit Union [WEBSITE REVIEW]

Get ready to destroy your debt for good! is a personal finance site with a strong emphasis on getting rid of personal debt. The site offers a host of money-related content that is updated several times a week under subcategories including: Learn to Invest, where you’ll find investing advice for every level; Attack Debt, […]

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Camscanner [APP REVIEW]

A cluttered space brings a cluttered mind. All those papers in your desk, backpack, car or workplace take a psychological toll. Just trying to focus with all that distraction is like trying to do a pushup while someone is sitting on your back. Fortunately, paper clutter doesn’t have to be a burden. Most people carry […]

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Be More With Less [WEBSITE REVIEW]

Look around your home, your room and your life. How much useless stuff is crammed into every available corner and taking up your valuable space, time and money? More importantly – is any of it actually making you happy?  Courtney Carver believes that our obsessive drive to acquire more stuff complicates our lives on every level. […]

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Nest is a smart thermostat. It allows you to control the temperature of your home right from your smartphone. Within about a week, Nest learns your habits and adjusts to your preferred temperatures. Who’s it for? Anyone who wants to save money on their heating and cooling bills. Nest automatically lowers the temperature when you go […]